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beastie boys

14 July 2022

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Beastie Boys “Three MCs & One DJ” (1998)

Written by on 14 July 2022

Three MCs and One DJ is a song the Beastie Boys, from their fifth studio album Hello Nasty. The song was released as a double A-side single (together with Remote Control), serving as the fourth single from Hello Nasty. Three MCs and One DJ features scratching by Mix Master Mike, and marks his debut song with the […]

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29 November 2021

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Beastie Boys “Shake Your Rump” (1989)

Written by on 29 November 2021

“Shake Your Rump” is the second track on and the first single from the Beastie Boys‘ second studio album Paul’s Boutique, released on July 25, 1989. It was produced and written by the Beastie Boys and the Dust Brothers. Like the rest of the classic Paul’s Boutique, “Shake Your Rump” is a sampling smorgasbord; taking samples […]

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21 May 2021

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Beastie Boys “She’s On It” (1985)

Written by on 21 May 2021

“She’s on It” is a song by the Beastie Boys. The group’s third single, it was released on the soundtrack to the 1985 film Krush Groove. Despite failing to attract commercial success at the time of its release in 1985, a re-release in 1987 was much more successful, becoming a top 10 hit on the UK Singles Chart, and […]

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5 January 2021

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Beastie Boys “Intergalactic” (1998)

Written by on 5 January 2021

“Intergalactic” by the Beastie Boys was released as the first single from their fifth studio album Hello Nasty on May 12, 1998. The single hit #28 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 charts, making it the band’s third Top 40 single there. It also reached #5 on the UK Singles Chart, where it remains the band’s […]

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